Catalogue of works by F.X. Winterhalter Uploaded!

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-73), the German-born internationally renowned elite portrait specialist, has been a subject of my dedicated research, spanning a period of more than twenty years.

The research has resulted in a catalogue consisting of nearly 1,000 entries, and includes painting, works on paper (drawings, pastels, and watercolours), as well as original prints by F.X. Winterhalter after his own works as well as after those of others. The information has been drawn from printed and online sources that date from the 1820s to the present, and new information is unearthed regularly.

A printed version of the catalogue has been published as a limited edition in 2007. A concise PDF edition was uploaded online shortly afterwards. The response to both editions has been quite overwhelming. I have received numerous emails from a wide variety of individuals worldwide – directors and curators of public and private museums, galleries, and collections; art specialist of numerous auction houses; owners of the actual artworks; descendants of Winterhalter’s sitters; as well as numerous private individuals, academics, and researchers – with an invaluable input into the catalogue.

With their selfless and invaluable assistance, as well as with my own further research and investigation, the catalogue continues to grow. While it is still very much a non-remunerated, self-funded labour of love, the publication of a more comprehensive online edition (ideally) would allow for more immediate and up-to-date updates and alterations.

With respect to those who purchased the printed edition, and those who may have referenced it, I am retaining the original numbering of entries. The catalogue entries that have been added since 2007 are designated by letters a, b, c, etc.

As per the printed publication, all catalogue entries for works executed after 1831 and before 1866 have been broken down into five-year periods. Those works that have been attributed to Winterhalter (or where indeed his authorship is doubtful) are placed at the end of the last 1866-1873 chapter.

All portraits painted within the same year are listed in alphabetical order by the sitter’s name; unidentified sitters and subject paintings are placed at the end of their respective years. For convenience, portraits of members of the French, Belgian, and British Royal Families, painted within the same year, are mainly grouped together in the order of seniority and irrespective of their varying courtesy titles.

You will find all catalogue entries listed on the BLOG PAGES, the links to which ARE ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE HOME PAGE. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and this website, the catalogue is also FULLY SEARCHABLE through the top right-hand-side search box. 

As always, this is still very much a Research-in-Progress, and comments, additional information, images, and research materials are welcome. All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged. 

As this is a concise list of works with selected images only, I encourage everyone to contact me through the COMMENTS section for the following information:

  • Catalogue entries / essays on each artwork;
  • Sitters’ Biographies and Lists of Descendants (where known);
  • Provenance of each artwork;
  • Exhibition History;
  • Detailed known bibliography (from 1830s to the present day);
  • Lists of known copies / versions / replicas;
  • Lists of known prints / lithographs / engravings after each artwork.

 Eugene Barilo von Reisberg

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