Notes to the Winterhalter Catalogue Project

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Monday, 9 January 2012

Notes to the Winterhalter Catalogue Project 

The primary and erstwhile objective for the online catalogue of works by Franz Xaver and Hermann Winterhalter is to maintain an up-to-date CATALOGUE RAISONNE of their works, and attend to additions, changes, alterations, and corrections as soon as they come to hand, announcing them in the blogging section of the site.

For example, a watercolour by Hermann Winterhalter is coming up for auction at Christie’s in London in February. I am currently preparing an entry on this work, and it will be posted accordingly in the respective section of the online catalogue.

A slightly more ambitious side project is to utilise the blogging section to announce the appearance of works by the Winterhalter brothers on the art market; at various exhibitions; and in online and printed publications (past and present).

This is where YOUR HELP would be invaluable!

In spite of my best efforts, I am not omnipresent, and your ‘heads up’ on the works of the Winterhalter brothers at auctions, exhibitions, in the media, and in print would be most welcome and most invaluable!

Last but not least, this is also very much an awareness raising exercise in the most humble hope that those who may have works by Franz Xaver and Hermann Winterhalter in their collections would get in touch and provide further invaluable information to this project of the utmost worthiness (absolute privacy and discretion are guaranteed).

Once again, I can be contacted through the COMMENTS section of this site, or by email at vonreisberg[at]gmail[dot]com.

I look forward and in anticipation to your comments, additions, corrections, and the most welcome contributions!

Eugene Barilo von Reisberg, Melbourne, 9 January 2012

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