Hermann Winterhalter – Catalogue Updates

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117 50ch Chateaubourg WinterhalterThursday, 28 June 2012 

Hermann Winterhalter – Catalogue Updates

No 6 – Mme Say – the sitter is most certainly a member of the Say family, of the sugar refinery fame and fortune; though it is impossible to say with any certainty which one, as there were several Say women who were alive during the 1850s and 1860s;

No 12 – sitter identified – Wild refers to this portrait as Mr de Boutray. Though there were several people by that name living in Paris at the time, this is most likely to be Ernest de Boutray (1822-1920), who married in 1849 Mlle Léonie Coustou (1830-1904), sister of Mme Gustave Bronchant de Villiers (1825-1906), who was also painted by Hermann Winterhalter (q.v.);

No 13 – sitter identified – Léonie Coustou, Mme de Boutray (1830-1904) – see above;

No 29 – sitters identified – Wild refers to this painting as Mme Lafond et ses deux enfants; the Lafonds were a Parisian banking family, with a number of members alive in the 1850s and 1860s. The present portrait most probably refers to Marie Elise du Temple de Chevrigny (1831-1901), who married in 1851 Comte Etienne Edmond Lafond (1821-1875); and who in the 1850s still had two young children, Marie Thérèse Lafond, later Duchesse de Perusse des Cars (1852-1912); and Charles Louis Lafond;

No 30 – sitter identified – Wild lists this entry as Mr E. Lafond. This most likely refers to the husband of the above, Comte Edmond Lafond (1821-1875); though it is also likely to have been a portrait of his uncle, Ernest Lafond (1806-1881);

No 55 – sitter’s family name identified – Mlle Le Péletier d’Aunay; further identification of the sitter is not possible at this time, as there were several women by that name at the time;

No 66 – sitter identified – Jenny Levavasseur, Marquise de Conegliano (1837-1918) –  wife of Adriene Duchesne de Gillevoisin de Conegliano, Marquis de Conegliano (1825-1901), from 1878 Duc de Conegliano, Chamberlain at the court of Napoleon III; as such the portrait was most likely painted between 1857 and 1870;

No 77 – sitter identified – Louise Fontenilliat, Baronne Levavasseur (1801-85) – although there were several women by that name living at the time, the sitter is most likely to be Marie-Anne-Louise Fontenilliat, Baronne James Levavasseur (1801-85), mother of the Duchesse de Conegliano (q.v.);

No 90 – sitters identified – Comte de Bondy et son fils avec 3 enfants – this most likely refers to Pierre Marie Taillepied, Comte de Bondy (1766-1847); his son, François-Marie Tailliepied, Vicomte de Bondy (1802-90); and his sons, Rupert (1835-1849), Lionel (1836-1917), and Olivier (1840-95); the date of the portrait is thus most likely to be after the birth of the youngest grandchild, 1840, and the patriarch’s death in 1847. The portraits of the children are most likely those exhibited at the Salon of 1844 (q.v. no 108a below);

No 108a – sitters identified – the portrait most likely relates to the above entry, and represents Rupert (1835-1849), Lionel (1836-1917), and Olivier (1840-95), children of Vicomte and Vicomtesse de Bondy; as the portrait was exhibited at the Salon of 1844, the date of this portrait can be safely placed at c. 1843-4.

© Eugene Barilo von Reisberg 2012.

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